Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Jonah –

On your 8th month birthday, here are some things I want you to know, or things I want to remember:

· Even though you’re crying and you feel alone up there in your crib, I hear you, and I’m on my way. Or, I hear you, and I’m waiting to see if you can figure it out, but the whole time I’m wishing I could just charge up there and fix it.

· I think introducing you to new foods is fun, but I will never understand why parsnips were delicious last week, but disgusting this week. And bananas, well, they’re amazing every week.

· You love music. You kick your feet to the beat of every song, and you especially love it when Daddy plays the banjo.

· When you go down for the night, or go to Tia Sara’s for the afternoon, I miss you like crazy and it feels like forever until I get to see you again.

· You still wake up for elevensies at night and three-thirtiesies in the morning. And I’m okay with that, but wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you only woke for elevensies? Just something to ponder…

· You think it’s hilarious when Daddy yells at the dogs.

· Even though Robin and Meg shy away from you when you crawl towards them, you keep trying.

· Daddy and I will do anything to get you to smile, including dance a jig, throw you in the air, nibble your belly…

· One of our favorite times of the day is when you just wake up, and we walk into your room and you see us – your face lights up into a huge smile.

· We love to hear you talk to yourself in the morning – dadadadada, mamama, babababa

· Each time you learn something new, my brain almost explodes. Today, you were clapping. Yesterday, you’d gotten your belly up off the ground and were rocking on your hands and knees.

· Your favorite toy is a tie between the “cow stick” and Sophie.

· We’re trying the best we can. I’m sorry if we’re making mistakes now that will hurt you later.

· When I’m putting you down for the night, and your tummy is full full full, and you’re eyes are closed, and you sigh a big sigh, that’s the sweetest moment of the day.

· I don’t really care what your faith looks like, as long as you are looking for God, or Goodness, or Peace, or just faith itself.

· Everyone at church just loves you, and so do your grandparents and aunts and uncles. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you are loved, and supported, and will always have a home.

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